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Smart Buddies

We are a group of chemistry students passionate about science and education.
Once we finish the faculty we agree to create a page to be in touch and share news, jokes and gadgets through internet.

Online Store

That is why we decided to create Smart Buddies. The platform had a great succes among our friends so we decided to bring it to the next level and create a platform where you can get gadgets, home decoration and education tools relatetd with sicence and learning.

Worldwide Company

Smart Buddies is an online independent e-commerce website with our own production facilities and a large network of quality partners.
Our infrastructure is conected trough Europa, América and Asia in order to offer the highest quality products at the lowest price from all around the world!

Our mission is inspire people to study science and enrich families with a "smarter way to learn" trough creativity and curiosity.

We also believe that serving our costumers comes with a responsibility to also made sure they are satisfied with their purchase. We strive to be the number one science and educational online store, providing the best products from around the world and offering world-class customer service.

Change the world trough Education

It is said that parents are the child’s first teachers. So, if you were to look in the future, what would you like to teach your son or daughter?
We want to bring you the most innocative educational toys and improve your life in an era where the electronics and technology are so common and we are putting in risk the education of our next generation.

Science & Chemistry are COOL

We are passionate about science, chemistry, and education and one of our many goals is to continue innovating in a way that no others are willing to

In Smart Buddies, we want to demostrate how fun science can be and changing the mind of people by inspiring them trough nice decor and educational gadgets.

Best educational Toys 2019-2020

Educational Toys can make a huge difference in the rate and comprehensiveness of children's development. When kids are growing up, it is essencial for parents to supply them with toys that engaged, enhance and encourage their development.

We want to provide you the most valuated educational toys to help you in this important dutty to educate your childs. The answer to make sure they are learning, even if they are playing!


Buy with confidence at Smart Buddies - we will take care of the rest and make sure you are happy.

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The "Smart Buddies" Team.

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